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Most frequent questions and answers

Do you offer commission paintings to meet my specific design ideas?
Yes we more than happy to discuss your personalised requirements and anything you may want to include e.g. photos, text, people. Size is not an issue as we can cater to any size and use appropriate materials for the job.

Do I have to pay anything upfront for commission work?
A 50% deposit is payable at start of commission, in which we will provide you with a progress report or photos if desired. Full payment is required upon completion and collection of work.

Where are you based and when can I see you?
We are based in Sunnyhills, Pakuranga, Auckland. Both Melody and I have our own studios in which you are welcome to visit by appointment.

Are your paintings original one-off designs?
Every painting is unique and individual. Whilst some paintings are part of a collection or series, no two are the same.

Is the work suitable for display outside?
All work is for interior use only. But happy to discuss options for outdoor work so we can get the most suitable materials for the project.

Are your paintings ready to hang?
Yes our paintings are always sold framed and ready to hang, unless otherwise requested.

Are the paintings varnished?
On completion, paintings are always finished with a high quality matt or gloss varnish.

Are we able to try a painting to see if it fits the space we want it to go in?
Yes, this option is available overnight or discussed with us. Credit card details may be held as security.

Payments in our online store are processed securely by Stripe. We do not ask for or store any credit card details. Everything is handled by Stripe. Find out more about Stripe here.

If you are purchasing from overseas or require a special quote, we will send you a Stripe payment request, or you can use our bank details for a direct deposit.

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